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Why host your event in Epirus and the Wider Area

Why host your event in Ioannina

Situated centrally in north-western Greece, with the coastline to the west and the mountains to the east, Ioannina stands as one of the best and easily accessible offbeat escapes in Europe. Ioannina International Airport is growing into one of Greece’s well-connected airports, serving daily flights to Athens and connecting an increasingly large number of cities abroad. The city is built on Egnatia Highway that spans two milennia connecting mainland Greece and Europe to Asia.
Ioannina offers a wide selection of accommodation across different categories to suit varying budgets - from well-established exclusive hotels to boutique and budget hotels. Ioannina boasts an excellent range of state-of-the-art convention centres, exhibition halls and meeting venues that cater to a large variety of needs and budgets. Moreover, there are hotels that offer one-stop location events and accommodation.

Metsovo  Tips for Organizing your event in Metsovo

Metsovo is a beautiful traditional village perched on the slopes of Pindos at an altitude of 1.300 metres. It is in the northwest of Greece, at a distance of 425 kilometres from Athens, 56 kilometres east of the airport of Ioannina.
Ιn an admirable way combines the spirit of Greek hospitality with the preservation of its own special character.
Metsovites, making good use of their historical privileges, of local traditions and of natural resources turned this community "built of wood and stone" into a noteworthy location both for the local community and for visitors, who can easily find accommodation in many big or small traditional hotels.
28 years ago, the "Diaselo", founded by Yiannis and Elena Averoff, placed from Metsovo the foundations for the development of congress tourism in Epirus.
Today, the Convention Center in the central square of Metsovo is a different proposal in the search for a destination to support conferences and scientific events with high demands.



Zagori is undoubtedly one of the leading mountain destinations of Greece, a living museum of architecture, practices and traditions and at the same time a treasure of natural landscapes and biodiversity. The scenery and wildlife are already protected for decades under the status of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, which were widened as the Northern Pindos National Park. More recently, the area was included in Vikos-Aoos Geopark. Finally, the villages and the man-made landscape are protected as a cultural heritage area from the late 70s. Making good use of the opportunities offered by tourism, local people kept the authentic image of this mountain paradise, and Zagori is offering the visitor unexpected images and experiences.



This beautiful borderline town spreads up the green slopes of Mt. Trapezitsa (elevation: 600m.); it has been built according to the traditional architectural style in Epirus and is surrounded by impressive nature. Rivers Aoos, Voidomatis and Sarantaporos cross the area’s fertile plain. Arched bridges crown the deep-shaded ravines. The Vikos-Aoos National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the major asset of this impressive land.



One of the beautiful islands of the Ionian sea, Lefkada, belongs to the province of Eptanisa (or Heptanese = seven islands) in western Greece.
Lefkada’s connection to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge serves as a major travel advantage since you don’t need a boat to reach it. This connection has influenced Lefkada both historically and culturally as the island’s traditions are a fusion of neighboring islands and the regional mainland.
This island has all the high standards that are necessary for the demanding field of organizing scientific events.
The delegates have the opportunity to attend the works in well-equipped areas while also touring the island, combining information and training with moments of respite.


Also known as the emerald island, Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian Islands in Greece, while it is world famous for its historical heritage, mythological importance, lush landscapes, numerous attractions, beautiful beaches, traditional serenates and vivid temperament of its locals. Inspired by the Venetian and Byzantine architecture, the villages of Corfu are built in traditional style, exuding unrivaled warmth and authenticity. With reminiscences of a bygone era Corfu manages to enchant its visitors with the harmonic combination of cosmopolitan glamour and genuine hospitality.
Corfu’s direct connections by air with many European cities and the regular daily shipping schedules linking the island with Italy (via Igoumenitsa), make distances negligible, and help to promote Corfu as the ideal location in which to hold a conference. Thus every year the island plays host to conferences, seminars and symposiums.
Modern and unexpectable venues are available, with the most up-to-date equipment and with flawless organization. A large number of the island’s hotels have turned their attention to this type of tourism, offering all the facilities.

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