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Recommended Space for Hosting a Scientific Event

"Diaselo" Conference Center
28 years ago, the "Diaselo", founded by Yiannis and Elena Averoff, placed from Metsovo the foundations for the development of congress tourism in Epirus.
Today, the Conference Center in the central square of Metsovo is a different proposal in the search for a destination to support conferences and scientific events with high demands.
It features a modern meeting room with full audiovisual coverage, exhibition space and a secretariat.

The success of your conference or scientific event guarantees successful national or international events that have taken place over the past few years.
Participants from Greece and abroad are the best ambassadors of the advantages of the "Diaselo" Conference Center, enjoying the traditional hospitality of Pindos gem.




Accommodation / infrastructure for the hosting of delegates (Indicative list)


- Aroma Dryos Eco & Design Hotel

- Katogi Averoff Hotel & Winery

- Hotel Kassaros

- Archontiko Metsovou Boutique Hotel

 - Metsovo Hotel Apollon

- Olympic Hotel



Coverage of Food Needs

Metsovo has plenty of dining venues for walking distance from the Dessello Conference Center.

- Galaxias (Capacity up to 160 people)

- Tzaki (Capacity up to 180 people)

- Apokentro (Capacity up to 180 people)

- Katogi Averoff Hotel & Winery


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